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Ashford Back and Wellness

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Ashford Back and Wellness Centre Barrow Hill, Maidstone Road
Kent TN24 8TY

 Phone: 01233 632 000

 Email: info@ashfordbackandwellness.co.uk

 Website: http://www.ashfordbackandwellness.co.uk

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AshfordBackAndWellness

Categories: Health and Beauty, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic

About Ashford Back and Wellness

Well... the Centre here was formerly known as ChiropracticUK in Ashford and we purchased it just about on the 9th July 2013. Since then we have built up a fantastic team around us including our three receptionists, a Homeopath & a massage therapists. We now have two chiropractors working here and are so excited with how the business is expanding! We are called The Ashford Back & Wellness Centre as we wanted to incorporate not just chiropractic but looking at the body as a whole and showing what massage and nutrition has to offer as well! We love looking after all who came to see us and many of our patients enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a chat as well as their treatment. Why not come & visit...

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