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Buttercups Day Nursery

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Buttercups Day Nursery UK Ltd, Lamby Way
Cardiff CF3 2EP

 Phone: 029 2115 4285

 Email: enquiries@buttercupsdaynurseryltd.co.uk

 Website: http://www.buttercupsdaynurseryltd.co.uk

About Buttercups Day Nursery

Buttercups is a high quality purpose built day nursery situated on Lamby Way, Rumney, offering easy access to Cardiff City Centre and its surrounding areas. We have excellent off the road parking including a safe and designated drop off area for parents. The nursery boasts large, bright, naturally lit, open rooms with the benefit of a separate, spacious dining room. We have an enclosed garden area with its own muddy kitchen and a wide range of play equipment to keep our budding buttercups completely entertained. Our qualified and experienced staff offer a stable and caring environment, which supports each child in developing to their full potential. The children are educated through the medium of English, with Welsh being offered on a daily basis. Our staff use the framework outlined in Birth to Three matters and the Foundation Phase to aid and encourage the children’s development.

Categories: Childcare

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