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Godalming Packetboat Company

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Godalming Wharf, Off Woolsack Way
Surrey GU7 1LQ

 Phone: 01483 414938

 Email: info@horseboat.org.uk

 Website: http://www.horseboat.org.uk/

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Godalming-Packetboat-Company-573655556013321

Categories: Tourist Attractions

About Godalming Packetboat Company

Come and join us aboard Iona the perfect way to cruise the National Trust’s unspoilt River Wey & Godalming Navigations. Iona will be pulled by one of our heavy horses along both natural river and a canal section and through one of the oldest boat locks in the country. Travel quietly in the time honoured way as generations of river boatmen have throughout history. We do private charters to provide the ideal outing for clubs, organisations, senior citizens, wedding receptions & corporate events. We can provide refreshments so please contact us to discuss your requirements. We also run regular public trips.

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