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New Leaf Custom Woodwork

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New Leaf Custom Woodwork, Rhydyfelin, South Wales
Rhondda Cyon Taff CF37

 Phone: 07780 601410

 Email: info@newleafcustomwoodwork.co.uk

 Website: http://www.newleafcustomwoodwork.co.uk

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/newleafcustomwoodwork/

Categories: Carpentry, Home and Garden

About New Leaf Custom Woodwork

New Leaf Custom Woodwork are based in Rhydyfelin, north of Cardiff, South Wales and make exclusively bespoke wooden items including gift boxes, cupboards, radiator covers, outdoor furniture and well, whatever else you might need! We have a selection of hand made wooden products available to order here on our website, but if you are looking for something bespoke in the South Wales region, please get in contact and we will get in contact as soon as possible.

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