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Independent Businesses in Devon?

Find "un-chained" independent local businesses in Devon

Pin #0ACS Floor Grind

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Flooring, Home and Garden

Phone: 01234567890

flooring business in Tiverton

About ACS Floor Grind

Pin #1Andy's Plumbing and Heating

Where: Devon, Devon

Categories: Plumbing, Heating

Phone: 07790422387

Andy's Plumbing and Heating are a Tiverton based firm. They have a good reputation in the area and are well skilled for any job you need

About Andy's Plumbing and Heating

Pin #2Antonio's

Where: Exmouth, Devon

Categories: Ice Cream, Coffee Shops

Phone: 01395 278771

Antonio's, the taste of Italy. Antonio's offers delicious,authentic, handcrafted icecream and Italian roasted coffee. Enjoy your taste of Italy by the sea!

About Antonio's

Pin #3APC Decorating

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Painting and Decorating

Phone: 01884 258905

Painters and decorators in Tiverton.

About APC Decorating

Pin #4Bayleaf Cafebar

Where: Exmouth, Devon

Categories: Cafebar, Food, Beverages

Phone: (01395) 277757
Website: www.bayleaf.cafe

Bayleaf Cafebar offers a selections of good food and treats! It is licensed and can be hired for events. It also offers takeaway and delivery.

About Bayleaf Cafebar

Pin #5Big Bear Coffee

Where: Exmouth, Devon

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages

Phone: 07979 038042
Website: bigbearcoffee.co.uk

Big Bear Coffee are an Exmouth based business selling coffee from a vintage Citroen van. Their coffee is locally roasted and cakes are home made. In addition to coffee, other hot drinks are available such as Tea and Hot Chocolate. Big Bear source their

About Big Bear Coffee

Pin #6Blinis Cafebar

Where: Sidmouth, Devon

Categories: Cafebar, Food, Beverages

Phone: 01395 572920

Blinis cafe bar offers an idilic place by the sea to sit and relax while enjoying a range of delicious food, treats and a drink

About Blinis Cafebar

Pin #7Blomfield Bespoke Furniture

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Home and Garden, Home, Carpentry

Phone: 01884 881783
Website: blomfieldbespokefurniture.com

We are a small family business specialising in making one-off pieces of furniture to order or complete room schemes in a variety of different timbers and finishes. Whether it be a copy of a chair, fitted wardrobe or kitchen, boardroom table or a modern

About Blomfield Bespoke Furniture

Pin #8Bowden's Heating and Plubming

Where: Cullompton, Devon

Categories: Plumbing, Heating

Phone: 01884 33931 / 07738 018

Do you need a quality local heating engineer or plumber? Bowden's Heating & Plumbing can help! Having many years' experience in the industry, we can take the hassle out of the work you need done.

About Bowden's Heating and Plubming

Pin #9Cafe Latino

Where: Ashburton, Devon

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages

Phone: 01364653105

Café Latino is the colourful, vibrant and smiley South American heart of Ashburton. We offer a variety of speciality coffees and teas, the yummiest home made hot chocolate, gorgeous cakes, sandwiches and snacks. Cafe Latino without music is like a cream tea

About Cafe Latino

Pin #10Canal Tea Rooms

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Food

Phone: 01884 252291
Website: www.canaltearooms.co.uk

Cream Teas, High Teas, Lunches, Freshly Baked Scones

About Canal Tea Rooms

Pin #11Catherine Spiller Photography

Where: Devon, Devon

Categories: Photography

Phone: 07927 667114
Website: catherinespiller.co.uk

Catherine Spiller photography can be hired for events such as weddings

About Catherine Spiller Photography

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