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Independent Businesses in Devon?

Find "un-chained" independent local businesses in Devon

Pin #0Freeformimage Photography

Where: Devon, Devon

Categories: Photography

Phone: 07846926029

Freeformimage photography

About Freeformimage Photography

Pin #1Frog and Florets

Where: Devon, Devon

Categories: Florists

Phone: 07919411436
Website: frogandflorets.co.uk

Frog and Florets

About Frog and Florets

Pin #2Frou Frou

Where: Devon, Devon

Categories: Restaurants, French, Food

Phone: 01884 25 05 44

Frou Frou is a beautiful restaurant based in the centre of Tiverton. Offering delcious tradtional French food coupled with friendly service, it's a must try.

About Frou Frou

Pin #3G W Roofing

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Home

Phone: 07759 647353
Website: www.gwroofing.co.uk

GW Roofing are a Tiverton based roofing company run by Gare Ware. We are roofers available to help with all kinds of roofing including: Re-roofing, Fascias, Soffits, Guttering, Chimney Repairs.

About G W Roofing

Pin #4Gaslec

Where: Devon, Devon

Categories: Plumbing, Gas, Electrician

Phone: 01884 252999

Gaslec are a reputable family run firm based in Tiverton, supplying your needs for both Gas and electrical maintanance.

About Gaslec

Pin #5Golden Panda

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Chinese, Food, Beverages

Phone: 01884 254233

The Golden Panda, based in Tiverton offers a large selection of delicious Chinese dishes.

About Golden Panda

Pin #6Gourmet Street Kitchen

Where: Exeter, Devon

Categories: Food, Food, Macaroni, Pasta, Gourmet, Street Food

Phone: 07912 548168
Website: gourmetstreetkitchen.com

Gourmet Street Kitchen can be found at both local festivals here in Exeter or travelling the country serving their delicious Mac and Cheese with various toppings.

About Gourmet Street Kitchen

Pin #7Howling Wolf Coffee

Where: Colyton, Devon

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages, Caterers

Phone: 07498 981 170

Speciality coffee on wheels start-up, we serve all types of high-end speciality coffee, teas, hot chocolates, soft drinks & baked goods, in a quirky, stylish, modern and built-to-spec catering trailer. All of our products are locally sourced & environmentally

About Howling Wolf Coffee

Pin #8Infusion Art Cafe

Where: Exmouth, Devon

Categories: Coffee Shops, Art, Food

Phone: 01395 487148

Sit down, relax, enjoy a coffee and food while being surrounded by art produced by local people.

About Infusion Art Cafe

Pin #9John Tolly Carpentry and Building Services

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Carpentry, Building, Flooring

Phone: 07815 066446

John Tolly Carpentry and Building Services are a well established business based in Tiverton that have been running for 18 years.

About John Tolly Carpentry and Building Services

Pin #10Ken White Signs

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Signs and Graphics

Phone: 01884 253795
Website: kenwhitesigns.co.uk

Signs and Graphics in Tiverton

About Ken White Signs

Pin #11Kings Down Tail Caravan Park

Where: Sidmouth, Devon

Categories: Camping and Caravan Parks

Phone: 01297 680313
Website: kingsdowntail.com

Kings Down Tail Caravan Park is wonderful, tranquil campsite based in Sidmouth.

About Kings Down Tail Caravan Park

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