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Independent Businesses in Devon?

Find "un-chained" independent local businesses in Devon

Pin #0Tiverton Canal Co

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Tourist Attractions, Coffee Shops

Phone: 01884 253345
Website: www.tivertoncanal.co.uk

Privately owned by the Brind family and run as a Living Heritage Canal Tourist Attraction. In 2014 the Brind family celebrated 40 years of the Horse-Drawn Barge at Tiverton.

About Tiverton Canal Co

Pin #1Tivvy Cobblers

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Cobblers

Phone: 07761 317986

Key cutting business in Tiverton.

About Tivvy Cobblers

Pin #2Two birds Coffee

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages

Phone: 01884

Two birds coffee offer a friendly and welcoming service. They serve premium fresh coffee and delicious home made cakes.

About Two birds Coffee

Pin #3Two Birds Pizza

Where: Totnes, Devon

Categories: Food, Pizza

Phone: 07759959003

Two Birds Pizza serve lovely freshly cooked pizza

About Two Birds Pizza

Pin #4VA Accountancy

Where: Cullompton, Devon

Categories: Accountancy, Accountancy, Accountancy

Phone: 01884 798140
Website: www.va-accountancy.co.uk

VA Accountancy offers more than your standard accountant. We have hands-on experience of running a business and all that is involved. We have knowledge and experience in other business advisory services that may affect you and your business, including HR/staffing

About VA Accountancy

Pin #5Veg Box

Where: Exeter, Devon

Categories: Food, Coffee Shops

Phone: 01392 547158

The Veg Box is a popular cafe on Exeter quay

About Veg Box

Pin #6Virginia's Hair Salon

Where: Cullompton, Devon

Categories: Salon, Beverages

Phone: 01884 33799

Wether it be a childs hair cut, colouring, bridal, or prom night hair, why not try Virginia's Hair Salon based in Cullumpton. They also do mens wet shave. So, just relax and enjoy while sipping on a cupa of coffee, tea or an alcholiholic beverage, the choice

About Virginia's Hair Salon

Pin #7Wood 'n' Head

Where: Tiverton, Devon

Categories: Carpentry

Phone: 01884 242476

Wood 'n' Head are a carpentry business based in Tiverton that have been running since 1983

About Wood 'n' Head

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