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Independent Businesses in Cullompton, Devon within a 10 mile radius

Find "un-chained" independent local businesses in Cullompton, Devon

Pin #0Tiverton Canal Co

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 4.791 miles (approx)

Categories: Tourist Attractions, Coffee Shops

Phone: 01884 253345
Website: www.tivertoncanal.co.uk

Privately owned by the Brind family and run as a Living Heritage Canal Tourist Attraction. In 2014 the Brind family celebrated 40 years of the Horse-Drawn Barge at Tiverton.

About Tiverton Canal Co

Pin #1Ken White Signs

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.03 miles (approx)

Categories: Signs and Graphics

Phone: 01884 253795
Website: kenwhitesigns.co.uk

Signs and Graphics in Tiverton

About Ken White Signs

Pin #2The Independent Coffee Trader

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.248 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages

Phone: 01884 798055

The indepenent Coffee Trader,is a beautiful, cosey ,warm and friendly coffee shop based in the town center of Tiverton. Selling a delicious range of cakes, premium coffee and above all, service with a smile.

About The Independent Coffee Trader

Pin #3Frou Frou

Where: Devon, Devon
Distance: 5.248 miles (approx)

Categories: Restaurants, French, Food

Phone: 01884 25 05 44

Frou Frou is a beautiful restaurant based in the centre of Tiverton. Offering delcious tradtional French food coupled with friendly service, it's a must try.

About Frou Frou

Pin #4Liznojan

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.248 miles (approx)

Categories: books, Crafts, Beverages

Phone: 01884 250183

At Liznojan's we offer you the perfect setting to cozy up with a delicious coffee, forget the world and enjoy a book in peace and quiet. We also have a selcection of independent magazines to choose from as well as our craft and therapy section.

About Liznojan

Pin #5The Flying Pickle

Where: Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire
Distance: 5.251 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages, Food

Phone: 01884 242661

The Flying Pickle is a licensed delicatessen and cafe bar. The service is very friendly and welcoming. They have delicious food and cakes, accompanied by freshly ground premium coffee.

About The Flying Pickle

Pin #6Mojo's Hair & Beauty Salon

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.251 miles (approx)

Categories: Health and Beauty, Salon

Phone: 01884 232030

Mojo's Hair and Beauty Salon is based in Tiverton

About Mojo's Hair & Beauty Salon

Pin #7The Barber Shop

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.251 miles (approx)

Categories: Barbers

Phone: 01884 254333

The Barber Shop is a friendly and welcoming hairdressers based in Tiverton.

About The Barber Shop

Pin #8Number 33

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.281 miles (approx)

Categories: Bakery, Cafebar, Sandwiches

Phone: 01884 255139

Here at number 33 we pride ourselves in making delicious fresh bread, made to order. We have a great reputation in the town as the only independent bakery around. Come in and try us!

About Number 33

Pin #9The Duck and Bean

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.307 miles (approx)

Categories: Cafebar, Beverages, Food

Phone: 01884 798330

The Duck and Bean is an idilic cafe bar based in Tiverton town centre. Offering locally sourced, all day food and delicious coffee, take a break and relax!

About The Duck and Bean

Pin #10Tivvy Cobblers

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.308 miles (approx)

Categories: Cobblers

Phone: 07761 317986

Key cutting business in Tiverton.

About Tivvy Cobblers

Pin #11Ceylon Curry House

Where: Tiverton, Devon
Distance: 5.339 miles (approx)

Categories: Curry

Phone: 07756 191754
Website: ceyloncurry.co.uk

Ceylon Curry House sell authentic curry from their eye catching red trailer. They offer a variety of different curries including beef, chicken and fish.

About Ceylon Curry House

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