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Independent Businesses in Exmouth, Devon within a 10 mile radius

Find "un-chained" independent local businesses in Exmouth, Devon

Pin #0Antonio's

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 0.035 miles (approx)

Categories: Ice Cream, Coffee Shops

Phone: 01395 278771

Antonio's, the taste of Italy. Antonio's offers delicious,authentic, handcrafted icecream and Italian roasted coffee. Enjoy your taste of Italy by the sea!

About Antonio's

Pin #1Bayleaf Cafebar

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 0.043 miles (approx)

Categories: Cafebar, Food, Beverages

Phone: (01395) 277757
Website: www.bayleaf.cafe

Bayleaf Cafebar offers a selections of good food and treats! It is licensed and can be hired for events. It also offers takeaway and delivery.

About Bayleaf Cafebar

Pin #2Infusion Art Cafe

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 0.139 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Art, Food

Phone: 01395 487148

Sit down, relax, enjoy a coffee and food while being surrounded by art produced by local people.

About Infusion Art Cafe

Pin #3Big Bear Coffee

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 1.464 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages

Phone: 07979 038042
Website: bigbearcoffee.co.uk

Big Bear Coffee are an Exmouth based business selling coffee from a vintage Citroen van. Their coffee is locally roasted and cakes are home made. In addition to coffee, other hot drinks are available such as Tea and Hot Chocolate. Big Bear source their

About Big Bear Coffee

Pin #4Pizza A Legna

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 5.251 miles (approx)

Categories: Food, Pizza

Phone: 07428615208

Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza serving delicous pizza. Find them at local events and hire them for your Wedding, Parties or other events.

About Pizza A Legna

Pin #5Devon Tyres

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 6.169 miles (approx)

Categories: Car parts, Motoring, Tyres

Phone: 07712055516

Friendly mobile tyre fitting business that covers a large area out side of Exeter. Will come out to you at the road side and replace a punctured tyre 24/7.

About Devon Tyres

Pin #6The Teign Canteen

Where: Teignmouth, Devon
Distance: 6.217 miles (approx)

Categories: Food, Vietnamese

Phone: 07814177307

The Teign Canteen offers authen Vietnamese food, served to you by a great chef.

About The Teign Canteen

Pin #7Polly Nostimos

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 7.463 miles (approx)

Categories: Food, Greek Food

Phone: 07500894302

Polly Nostimo's Little Greek Food Truck serves delicious, authentic, fresh, gourmet Greek food from the back of their vintage Citroen truck. The traditional Souvlaki wrap, made with real Greek pita bread imported from Athens weekly is a must try. In addition

About Polly Nostimos

Pin #8Safecar Secure Storage

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 7.463 miles (approx)

Categories: Lock up, security, Lock up, security, Lock up, security

Phone: 01392 257333
Website: www.safecarsecurestorage.co.uk

Secure self storage just off M5 motorway junctions 29 & 30 at Exeter. 24 hour protection for your property. Easy access, 7 days per week. Monthly rental terms available from a family run business. Established in Exeter 1971.

About Safecar Secure Storage

Pin #9Frame Warehouse

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 7.661 miles (approx)

Categories: Photography, Retail, Photography

Phone: 01392 494080
Website: framewarehouse.co.uk

Frame Warehouse in Exeter have a wide range of frames to choose from

About Frame Warehouse

Pin #10The Common Beaver

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 8.422 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages, Food

Phone: 1230

The Commen Beaver offers a friendly service combined with delicious cakes and fresh premium coffee

About The Common Beaver

Pin #11Veg Box

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 8.433 miles (approx)

Categories: Food, Coffee Shops

Phone: 01392 547158

The Veg Box is a popular cafe on Exeter quay

About Veg Box

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