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Independent Businesses in Sidmouth, Devon within a 10 mile radius

Find "un-chained" independent local businesses in Sidmouth, Devon

Pin #0Blinis Cafebar

Where: Sidmouth, Devon
Distance: 0 miles (approx)

Categories: Cafebar, Food, Beverages

Phone: 01395 572920

Blinis cafe bar offers an idilic place by the sea to sit and relax while enjoying a range of delicious food, treats and a drink

About Blinis Cafebar

Pin #1Kings Down Tail Caravan Park

Where: Sidmouth, Devon
Distance: 3.47 miles (approx)

Categories: Camping and Caravan Parks

Phone: 01297 680313
Website: kingsdowntail.com

Kings Down Tail Caravan Park is wonderful, tranquil campsite based in Sidmouth.

About Kings Down Tail Caravan Park

Pin #2Big Bear Coffee

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 7.745 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages

Phone: 07979 038042
Website: bigbearcoffee.co.uk

Big Bear Coffee are an Exmouth based business selling coffee from a vintage Citroen van. Their coffee is locally roasted and cakes are home made. In addition to coffee, other hot drinks are available such as Tea and Hot Chocolate. Big Bear source their

About Big Bear Coffee

Pin #3Riverwood farm

Where: Exeter, Devon
Distance: 7.791 miles (approx)

Categories: Places to Stay

Phone: 07714 738384
Website: www.riverwoodfarm.co.uk

Riverwood Farm

About Riverwood farm

Pin #4Howling Wolf Coffee

Where: Colyton, Devon
Distance: 8.644 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Beverages, Caterers

Phone: 07498 981 170

Speciality coffee on wheels start-up, we serve all types of high-end speciality coffee, teas, hot chocolates, soft drinks & baked goods, in a quirky, stylish, modern and built-to-spec catering trailer. All of our products are locally sourced & environmentally

About Howling Wolf Coffee

Pin #5Antonio's

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 8.729 miles (approx)

Categories: Ice Cream, Coffee Shops

Phone: 01395 278771

Antonio's, the taste of Italy. Antonio's offers delicious,authentic, handcrafted icecream and Italian roasted coffee. Enjoy your taste of Italy by the sea!

About Antonio's

Pin #6Bayleaf Cafebar

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 8.76 miles (approx)

Categories: Cafebar, Food, Beverages

Phone: (01395) 277757
Website: www.bayleaf.cafe

Bayleaf Cafebar offers a selections of good food and treats! It is licensed and can be hired for events. It also offers takeaway and delivery.

About Bayleaf Cafebar

Pin #7Infusion Art Cafe

Where: Exmouth, Devon
Distance: 8.798 miles (approx)

Categories: Coffee Shops, Art, Food

Phone: 01395 487148

Sit down, relax, enjoy a coffee and food while being surrounded by art produced by local people.

About Infusion Art Cafe

Pin #8Catherine Spiller Photography

Where: Devon, Devon
Distance: 9.018 miles (approx)

Categories: Photography

Phone: 07927 667114
Website: catherinespiller.co.uk

Catherine Spiller photography can be hired for events such as weddings

About Catherine Spiller Photography